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Let us help you find a lender in three steps

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I Need A Loan

I need money now. Am I eligible?

Stay prepared! If you need money ASAP, there are a few documents your lender might request:

  • Proof of income: pay stubs, disability payment information, retirement benefits, military benefits, and a variety of other income sources.
  • Account information. You will need this so the money can be deposited into your account.
  • Valid ID such as a driver’s license, military ID, passport, etc.

If you’ve been thinking to yourself, “I need money right this second” you’ve come to the right place. While it’s not possible to get money instantly, it is possible to get it quickly and easily.

Get Money Right Now!

Get Cash Now

There are a variety of reasons you may need the fastest money you can access.

  • Home Improvement

    Emergency home improvement costs can wreck a tight budget. If you find yourself in need of money to repair an appliance, fix a leak, or replace a window, it’s important to receive the money you need now so the problem can be fixed and life can go on. While 57% of US homeowners use credit cards to pay for renovations, a small loan can be a better idea for minor improvements.

  • Wedding Expenses

    Wedding expenses are notorious for being more than expected. If the big day is just a few days away and you’re tight on money, a personal loan can help keep you on track.

  • Debt Consolidation

    If you have a variety of small loans with high-interest rates, it can make sense to consolidate those loans into one larger loan with a lower interest rate, so you spend less money each month repaying loans and have a lower overall interest.

  • School Expenses

    Many students and parents have that thought they need money desperately when a new school year comes around. Quick personal loans can make the difference between having all of the supplies you need and wondering how to get your work finished.

Fast Cash Loans - easy way to get money

There are several types of fast cash loans if you’re looking for an easy way to get money fast. The two most common options for getting money quickly are payday and installment loans.

  • Fast Payday Loans

    A payday loan is usually for between $100 and $1,000. Payday loans have short payment terms and typically have a higher interest rate than installment or title loans. However, a payday loan is quite easy to secure, even with bad credit, which is proved by 12 million Americans taking out payday loans every year.

  • Fast Installment Loans

    An installment loan is typically for between $1,000 and $5,000. Also, interest rates tend to be much lower. You can use it to finance a large purpose, but make sure you have a fair to good credit score before you apply for it.

Get Money Near Me

Lots of people turn to a nearby lending institution when they need money fast. Let’s compare what offline and online lenders can offer to you.

How can I get money right now?

  • In Town

    Finding a source of same-day cash in your local town can be a hassle. You have to navigate traffic, wait in line, and be around people who could be sick. If you don’t have all of the paperwork they require when you arrive you may have to do it all again later. This is time-intensive, and how many of us really have that kind of time to waste?

    The approval process could take several days, and they may require you to come back to get the funds and then expect you to deliver them to your bank.

  • Online

    If you want to get money today, a recommended option is opting for online lenders. You can complete the entire process from anywhere that has a stable internet connection, and it takes only few minutes to get started. There’s no commute, no waiting in line, and no people crammed together.

    Since the entire process occurs online, you could have the money you need get deposited directly into your bank account by the very next day without ever having to leave your home.

How much money do you need?

The amount of money you are eligible for can depend on a variety of factors. Let’s talk about what you need.

  • I need 1,000 dollars now!

    If you need an influx of cash right now, a short-term or payday loan that is repaid quickly might be your best option.

  • I need 2,000 dollars now!

    A $2,000 loan is usually available for individuals with all types of credit and a regular income.

  • I need 3,000 dollars now!

    If you need slightly more money and a fair credit score, we would recommend opting for a $3.000 loan.

  • I need 4,000 dollars now!

    You may be eligible for a $4,000 loan if you have a fair to good credit history.

  • I need 5,000 dollars now!

    Loans of $5,000 are available but may require an excellent credit history and stable income.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here’s what you might want to know.

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Harrison Jones, Author of Content on

  • Where can I borrow money asap?

    Right here. No need to go on searching. Fill in the form above and be connected to a number of vetted lenders in one click.

  • I need money asap, please help! Can I get a loan on the same day?

    In most cases, you can get the money as fast as the next day, however, the terms might vary.

  • Is it possible to get loans ASAP with no credit check?

    No, it’s not possible to get a money loan without any kind of credit check at all.

  • What if I need money asap, but I have bad credit?

    Most lenders we work with can provide you with a loan regardless of your credit score. In case you have a bad credit score, you are more likely to qualify for getting a payday loan asap.

  • What can I get cash for?

    Whatever you need it for. Some people get loans for eviction prevention, some need to repair their house or a car, and some just need a bit of cash until payday.

  • What if I have no income and need money now?

    Yes, as long as you have a steady source of income, including social security income, military allowance, or other benefits.

  • Can I get a loan while on disability?

    Yes, personal loans are usually available for people on disability benefits.

  • Is getting money ASAP legit?

    Yes, requesting a loan within our network of lenders is totally legitimate. We are working with vetted lenders and do our best to maintain a high level of security.

  • What is an installment loan?

    An installment loan is an amount you can get in one payment and then repay in installments, i.e., fixed payments over time.

  • Can I borrow money asap if I’m not a US citizen?

    Yes, as long as you have a social security number and a bank account.

  • What is the interest rate for installment loans online?

    The interest rate depends on each lender's individual policies.

  • Can I get 100 dollars now?

    Very few lenders are willing to go below $100, but it may be possible to get a loan for $100.

  • What if I need 500 dollars now? What kind of loan is that?

    Many lenders are willing to provide individuals with payday loans of up to $500 even with bad credit or limited income.

  • Who can give me money right now?

    We work with a variety of lenders who can provide loans as quickly as the next day.

  • What’s the best way to get a quick cash advance?

    If you need money quickly, the best way to get a quick cash advance may be a payday loan or an installment loan, depending on how much money you need, your credit history, and your current income.