How to get money: 5 Clever Ways

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Do an internet search for ways to earn legitimate cash fast, and you'll be faced with a dizzying list of hundreds upon hundreds of options. When you need money quickly, you don't have time to wait for a second job's paycheck or start a new venture. The apparent idea of becoming a part-time bounty hunter sadly stumbles upon the need to gain some specific skills. While the idea of speeding up the inheritance process might involve highly illegal activity. Thus one must be imaginative and intelligent to come up with an option that allows

  • Fast cash influx
  • Lack of a specific skill set
  • Flexible schedule
  • And doesn't require up-front investments (most importantly)

We've researched the topic to offer you a comprehensive overview of legitimate ways to get some money.

How can I get money?

First thing first, money can’t buy happiness, but it can buy security and safety for you and your loved ones. Human beings need cash to pay for everything that makes their life possible, such as shelter, food, healthcare bills, and a good education. You don’t necessarily need to be Bill Gates or have a lot of money to pay for these things, but you will need some money until you die. Because money is necessary for obtaining the goods and services you need to survive, an understanding of personal finance is essential.

If you find yourself in this fix, you are not alone. About six out of ten American households experience at least one financial emergency a year, and about one-third of American families have no savings at all, according to FEMA. And almost 40% of Americans would have trouble paying for an unanticipated emergency expense such as a $400 car repair, according to a report from the U.S. Federal Reserve.

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So, let’s explore who and when most often look for ways to earn money in the US in 2022.

The following reasons to be looking for money are the most common according to Practical Money Skills:

  • To buy a house
  • To pay for an emergency operation
  • To afford rent
  • To avoid eviction
  • To afford elective surgery (like breast augmentation)
  • To buy an expensive item, like electronics or home appliance
  • To afford a divorce
  • To afford a vacation
  • To buy a car
  • To afford dental work or braces
  • To afford a wedding

Here's the result of Finder's research on what age groups of people search for extra cash:

  • People ages 25 to 49 are more likely to look for ways to earn, get, or even imagine a source of additional income than other age groups. Conversely, seniors 70 and older are least likely to search for extra cash.
  • Those without a four-year college education are more likely to look for odd jobs and additional income sources. Beyond that, there isn't much difference based on the level of education.
  • Those with household incomes less than $40,000/year are almost three times more likely to look for ways to get extra cash fast than those with higher incomes. People in households making between $15,000 and $25,000/year are the most likely to take up a second job, sell belongings, or trust money schemes.
  • Renters are more than twice more likely to use any available ways to earn money than homeowners.
  • Sadly, those who are disabled or unemployed are more likely to face the question “what can I do to get money?” than those who are employed.
  • Parents are more likely to embark on complicated "passive income" endeavors than those without children.
  • Those who are separated or divorced are twice as likely to look for additional income sources as people of any other marital status.

Surprisingly, the vast majority (69%) of people who look for quick cash online use the money to cover recurring expenses such as credit card bills, rent, and food. This demonstrates that most people who search for ways to earn money fast online have an ongoing cash shortage and a constant need for more income. Only 16% of people looking for ways to earn money online use the money for a real emergency.

5 good ways to get money: New careers, donating plasma, and everything in between

Where do you turn if you need some cash to cover an urgent expense? Here are 18 innovative and unexpected ways to raise money quickly without causing irreparable harm to your finances.

Liquidate your assets

If the question "what to do to get money?" became urgent for you, go check if the corner of your jewelry box holds your dad's Rolex, your mom's engagement ring, or a diamond pin you rarely wear. What about goodies tucked away in your closet – perhaps a fancy bridesmaid dress or your inherited great-aunt's fur coat. One online platform ready and willing to pay cash for your clothes is thredUp. Click to find out how the selling process works. Or, you can try selling your clothing on eBay.

You also may be able to make fast cash by selling off recent-model electronics, like big-screen TVs, tablets, phones, laptops, and game consoles, as well as media like DVDs, CDs, books, and games. Then, you can try posting them on Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist, and Twitter. Finally, you can run an ad in your local newspaper or peddle these pieces to friends and family members. Depending on the quality of the garments, electronics, and media you're willing to sell, you could quickly rake in much-needed cash.

Take on odd jobs

If you don't have any high-value items to unload, you can try selling your services, especially if you are out of work and have time on your hands. You might babysit and/or pet-sit for friends or start a neighborhood dog-walking service. There are networks devoted to connecting dog owners with dog walkers. Rover is one of the largest networks of dog walkers out there. Of course, you could also use social media or just knock on neighbors' doors to advertise your services, but you can easily use one of these services. Do a great job if you're serious about building a track record of solid reviews. That will help you make money in the future when you're in desperate need of it. Dog walkers can typically earn about $15 an hour, according to PayScale.

According to ZipRecruiter, the nationwide average hourly wage for babysitting is $17 an hour. At the same time, pet sitting pays an average of $14 per hour. So you can easily do some babysitting when you need to make a few bucks quickly. Parents everywhere are always in need of babysitting and nanny services. Websites like connect parents with babysitters. The company does all the background checking and other due diligence to put parents' minds at ease. Of course, you can appeal directly to people in your personal network, but if you're looking to generate recurring revenue, sign up with a site marketing to parents looking for child care services.

If you're not up for dealing with dogs or kids, you might offer to mow the grass and wash cars for people in your neighborhood or drive a neighbor's elderly aunt to her doctors' appointments. Or, if you enjoy driving, you might sign up to be a Lyft or Uber driver. Companies like Uber and Lyft offer a great opportunity to make extra cash. You'll need a clean driving record, a relatively new car, and the authorization to work wherever you live.

If you have all those things, you can work when it's feasible for you, whether in the middle of the day during rush hour or the wee hours of the night on the weekend. The choice is yours. According to Gridwise, rideshare drivers' earnings in 2022, depending on where they live, range from $14.65 per hour in San Antonio, Texas, to $19.44 in California's Bay Area. Depending on how many jobs you take and how much you charge for each task, you could scrape a few hundred bucks within a weekend. If you don't have enough people who need work done, try signing up for jobs through websites such as TaskRabbit, Thumbtack, or skills-based work in Upwork, Freelancer, or Fiverr.

Part with your blood & plasma

Now we're getting to the more extreme options. Depending on whether your blood type is rare or common, you can make around $20 to $50 per blood donation. You can also donate plasma. Different states have different minimum requirements that must be paid when people donate plasma. Plasma donations help people who are fighting Leukemia and other immune disorders. Donating plasma is similar to giving blood. Octapharma Plasma Inc is a company that collects plasma used to create life-saving medicines for patients worldwide.

Once your blood is drawn, it's cycled through special equipment that separates plasma from the other parts of your blood. Your plasma is then collected in a container. At the same time, the other parts are safely returned to your body in a process called plasmapheresis. Reports vary as to how much you can make, and it will depend on a variety of factors. You could make between $20 and $60 for each donation. According to the Octapharma Plasma website, "Generally, the more you weigh, the more plasma we can collect, and the longer it takes to donate it. The amount of money new and returning donors make reflects this."

Take on house cleaning jobs or become a home organizer

There are various online platforms that you could tap into for doing this, or you could simply scour your neighborhood or post on a social media platform. You could also use Amazon's Home Services or create a simple, one-page website to advertise. Either way, this is a terrific way to make upwards of $20 per hour or more doing a job that's often in high demand. In addition, you could easily make this a long-term gig if you perform well and don't cut corners.

You could easily do home organizing for people. This industry has gained much popularity since the debut of Netflix's hit series Tidying Up with Marie Kondo. Suppose you're a tidy and organized person and good at organizing spaces. Why not offer your services to people around you? You'd be surprised how many people, even on your social media feed, might take you up on doing something like this.

Again, a site like also helps connect home organizers with people looking for this service. It all depends on whether you want to go through a professional company or pitch it yourself to people already in your personal or business network. You could advertise your availability for home jobs through a Facebook group specific to your area.

Lead walking tours

If you live in a tourist locale, doing walking tours is one of the most exciting ways to make money. Viator, one of the world's largest platforms for tour operators, provides an option to join the ranks of walking tour guides. Of course, you'll need to work hard to get a good reputation. To find clients quickly, offer free tours and ask for tips at the end. This is leveraging the principle of reciprocity with the power of free. People love getting things for free but feel obligated to give something in return. That's why supermarkets are always giving away food. They know if you like it, you'll buy it.

How do I get money QUICKLY?

Whether you need real cash for spending or want to get ahead with your finances, considering picking up a side gig for extra cash flow has its limitations. As much fun as a dog walker or carpet washer career might seem, at any gig, you generally get paid not right away. You can become a ride-share driver, take online surveys, make deliveries for Amazon or leverage your unique skills to earn more. Still, in every instance, cash comes later. Work comes first. Plus, there are situations when you simply don’t have time to get a job. And, more often than not, you already have a job and need some extra money quickly anyway.

That’s when a quick loan comes into play. First, a quick loan was designed expressly for situations like this. A quick loan is a financial instrument that allows users access to cash for sudden, unexpected expenses. One of the most common quick loans is a personal loan. Moreover, it is often one of the most affordable options. In addition, a quick loan may come in the form of a cash advance, a payday loan, a loan from a friend or family member, or a lower-cost payday alternative loan (PAL) from a credit union. But remember, some borrowing options are not universally good choices. For example, credit card cash advances are notoriously expensive. In addition, they might damage your credit score by driving up your credit utilization rate.

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Get a payday loan: Easy as ABC!

Numerous lenders offer fast funding to qualified borrowers. Some personal loan lenders may even deposit the funds into your bank account the same day you're approved for financing. On the other hand, loan funding can sometimes take several days. Therefore, the speed of your loan reaching your account depends on the lender.

Applying for a quick loan with MoneyASAP is a highly straightforward process:

  1. You come up with a number
  2. You fill out a form
  3. You wait for approval from a lender
  4. You get the money

In terms of personal data, all you need to provide in an application is

  • A valid ID (it can be a passport, driver's license, military ID, etc.)
  • A valid bank account number (to send the money to)
  • Proof of income of any kind
    (it can be pay stubs, retirement benefits, military benefits, disability payment information, etc.)

With MoneyASAP, chances are you'll get the loan as quick as possible – ASAP, as stated in the name. Beneficially for all 12 million Americans, who, on average, take out loans every year, you can get a quick loan even if you have bad credit. MoneyASAP works explicitly with many vetted lenders who offer fast loans for bad credit. Some quick loans can affect your credit score, while others will not. For example, suppose a lender doesn’t report your account to the credit bureaus. In that case, the loan won’t influence your credit score (unless you default and a collection agency adds the bad debt to your credit reports later.) However, if a lender does share your account details with the credit bureaus, that’s a different story. Banks, credit unions, and online lenders commonly report account details to the credit bureaus. However, online lenders generally do not.

Instead of a conclusion

A quick loan is the fastest way to succeed if you need extra cash in a hurry. However, while borrowing from relatives, babysitting, and driving strangers around town might seem like a no-brainer, all these valid options have limitations, to put it mildly. (Just imagine weekly calls from your mother dedicated to the fact you borrowed from her.)

Services, like MoneyASAP, on the other hand, assist customers in quickly finding loans tailored to multiple situations, from emergencies to the urgent need to change lifestyle for a weekend. In addition, the lenders we work with are all authorized and regulated for your protection and could send the money into your account just as soon as your application is approved.